what is naked club?
I understand the confusion some new people are having when they land on our pages on our various websites - they may be unsure if this is something they can join in with - they may think it requires being in photos when that is not something they want to do. We have a lot of catching up to do on the design and content of the websites that were developed over the last 10 years. Our reality has changed and I'm struggling a bit to get everything up to date and new feartures added. My resources are limited, so it is a slow process. I am looking for people to be on-camera, but it is not a requirement on the whole. We have a variety of things going on, so read on...

Currently "Naked Club" is intended to become a worldwide meta grouping of all naturist groups and facilitate people and groups with similar interests and geography to find each other and create more events, outings, and opportunities for the nudist experience. Yes I also have my own group, my own list of names mainly in northern California (and Toronto, Canada), but not everyone can join my list as it is location-based and primarily (though not always) focused on visual documentation. I'm also mostly looking for some reasonable gender balance in my personal projects.

Naked Club has (or will have) "something for everyone". It will have a worldwide list of events, places and groups that can be joined, with a variety of thematic inclinations, but always within a non-sexual context. And in many cases gender-balance may not be an issue. For those who are "nubies", considering joining in one day, Naked Club offers visual documentation of some of our trips and events so that the viewer can see what the experience is like.

This project started 10 years ago as "PhotoNaturals", a visual project intended to involve a viewer in the naturist experience and portray how positive and innocent being nude in nature is. Over time I accummulated people in my database and some of them were consistent participants. From that evolved social connections and a realization that it was no longer just a visual project but a social reality that needed continuing opportunities. This lead to camping trips, weekend retreats, and our big yearly event, Bodyfest!

Here is a list of all the things I am working on:


• Yearly Event - Bodyfest - This big event can accommodate 200 people and is packed with activities, workshops, contests, etc. It's been happening since 2013, and will likely go again in 2018 both in Canada and California.

• Yearly Event - In the Wild - Our wilderness camping trip in Northern California.

• Ongoing local events in the Bay Area open to everyone including beach gatherings, naked roller skating, hiking, boat outings, camping etc.

• Occasional events in the Toronto area - it has been more difficult getting a consistent group together in Canada. But there are existing groups which I cross promote.

• Outdoor photo/video projects with limited numbers of people in various outings similar to above. The resulting images are used to promote our events and create image-sequence galleries in our members area on the website.


• Website - Social media style website for Naked Club (you're here now as you read this) that is dynamic and searchable for people, places, events, groups. Currently you can create a profile and interact with the Events section. We are hard at work programming and designing the other sections of the site.

• Website - Paid members section with photo galleries and video clips. This is ongoing with a weekly update and provides a small revenue stream to offset our continuing expenses. A big thanks to everyone who has purchased a subscription! This area will be redesigned to match the new social site in appearance.

• Video Series production, "Video Streak", which reports on various events and activities from naturist groups around the world. I'm mostly reporting on local events in Toronto and around San Francisco to start with. Search on youtube to see.

• Video Productions depicting some of our nature outings over the years. About 10 movies have been finished and are available for rental or download on Vimeo. This is another way you can support Naked Club financially while enjoying stunning visuals. There is unedited content for about 10 more movies but I have not had time to work on this for a couple of years.