notes from nomad


I added this page so that I could provide some information on the progress of this new website. If you see bugs, or have any questions or suggestions, just message me. My profile is >>found here<<.

• Thank you for making a profile for yourself! There isn't a lot you can do as of yet, but you can add events or indicate interest in attending an event (if you have completed your profile). We are currently designing and programming 3 areas: People, Pods and Places. You can read more about these things by clicking the bubble-links. The events section is fairly complete and functional we just could use your help adding more events for the coming year - from any place in the world. Thousands of people have added themselves to the site since that part became functional Summer of 2016.

• Notice that our "old" website is still active. You can get to it via the bubble-links along the top. Sorry about the confusion but on that site "events" refers to our photo galleries and video clips section. We are going to call that "shows" probably when we conform everything to the same design.

• The main intention of the new part of the website is to facilitate real life nudist action in the way of groups forming, events being created and people meeting each other. This is not a dating website, nor is it meant to be a virtual "hangout" spot - though there will be some of that. There are other social nudist sites that already do this very well. Naked Club's mandate is to get people out into the real world and away from their computers. Sitting naked at your computer is not naturism. Naturism is a social experience in a natural outdoor setting. The visual projects we create are designed to get people interested in participating in this unique experience.

• This project and all it's aspects, both live and virtual, soak up a lot of resources. I could really use your help! One way to help would be to
>>purchase a subscription<< to the photo galleries. Or go to >> VIMEO << and purchase the longer videos we have made.

I am perpetually in the red with this project and can always use more revenue.

• If you have been to one of our events, and you still only have one or two stars, then I will upgrade your star rating and add any badges that I think apply to you. You may also be eligible for free access to the photo galleries if you have been to an event in the last couple of years or so. Just message me so I know you have a profile here.

• Email Notifications - This site does not yet send out email notifications to you, but it is a feature we will be working on. If you do get an email, especially if unwanted, let me know with a detailed report.

April, 2017

We have finished a complete replacement of the Locations/Places database. Originally people were required to type in city names and this resulted in many spelling mistakes and non-standardization. Since future searches will critically require consistent place names we created a whole new database and have tried to check everything for accuracy. Let us know if you see errors or ommissions. You may find that you have to update what you originally entered for your profile.

May 2017

This month we added site-wide encryption with https. We edited some locations info for Hawaii and for the Netherlands. We added a top banner to the event pages and updated the image upload utility - it still does not rotate your image though. We fixed about 10 other bugs you may not have noticed.

June 2017

Our ecommerce providor for subscription sales went through some company changes which required us to make major changes to our web coding and database. This ate up a lot of time, more than you would think it should take! Started on a revamp of the Interests section and the Languages section.

July 2017

Created new database and settings display for Languages and for Interests plus extensive admin area for making updates. We added a display of a user's Event Buddy on the public page. This can be used by couples wanting to show that fact, or just friends who generally attend together. Fixed some bugs with event submissions.

August 2017

We primarily worked on the Places display section of the website, which is as detailed as the Events section and with a similar format.

September 2017

We finished the Places section for now and then spent several weeks working through numerous other bugs and adjustments throughout the website.

October 2017

We have been working on the People section, which will enable you to search for people around the world and then connect for going to events or creating events. The basic page is now live and you can display from different parts of the world. Later there will be more detailed search pages and a way to show all your "pinned" people.

November 2017

We now have the "participation agreements" pages working properly so you can apply to participate in Naked Club events and photo projects and complete the actual agreements with copies emailed to you. We added a feature to Events so that the creator of a listing can clone a past event and make new dates for the future. We also upgraded our email server so that more of our verification emails do not get blacked a long the way to you.

Winter/Spring 2018

We worked on fixing many small programming problems throughout the website, and generally enhancing and upgrading, tying together events, places and users with more details and utility.

Working on currently:

We are working on the email notification system and expect to have it live soon.