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When finished, this page will allow you to create and/or join "pods" which are groups that people here have organized themselves into.

A pod is a group of people with something actual in common in real life. You can have a pod of people who go to the same yearly event. You can have a pod of people who meet regularly for a nude swim at a pool. You can have a pod of existing friends who plan random outings for their private group. A pod is created and run by a specific person. You can be a member in multiple pods but there must be a good and real reason a join each pod. Generally joining a pod will require permission from the creator and some messaging regarding why you want to join would have to be done first.

To create a pod you will have to have at least 4 people lined up and ready to join. A new pod that does not have at least 5 members after 7 days will be automatically mothballed. The pod must have a clear and viable mission to have actual meetings, events, or trips.