naked club event details TANS Water Volleyball 2017 (Dec)
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December 02, 2017
TANS Water Volleyball 2017 (Dec)
Group periodically plays at local pool.
Annette Community Recreation Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Starts at 7:30 PM - We play for about an hour and a half. It's very easy to play recreational style by popping the ball high in the air. That makes for longer volleys. We play several games of up to 15 points. Water is super warm at 30 degrees or more. Very comfortable. You won't get chilled waiting for the ball. We use a small plastic ball that works perfectly for our games. We play standup style in 4 foot water. i've never lost the joy of the way we play, so take a chance, push yourself out of

naked-icon  complete nudity is required or expected
ball  all ages - no gender regulation
ball  9 to 15 people expected -
ball  no photography/videography allowed
ball  must pre-register
ball  attendance fee on arrival

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