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June 13, 2020 10:00 AM
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World Naked Bike Ride Toronto 2020
Protesting the over consumption of oil
Coronation Park
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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A global protest against oil dependency
and urban pollution - this annual tradition continues in 2020. The movement has also expanded to include commentary on body positivity and cycling safety, especially in the downtown streets.

Just show up with your bicycle (or scooter, skateboard, rollerblades, etc.).

Bodypaint/sign-making/gathering at 10:00 AM in Coronation Park, on the lakeshore. Strip down / bare as you dare. Most participants tend to be completely nude. The Ride begins at 1:00 PM.

See website for link to route map (ot paste this address into your browser:

The Toronto Police tend to escort the bike ride through the city streets. Because you are in public, you can expect there to be lots of clothed observers/onlookers, and they may be filming or taking photos.

There are many stops along the way, including most notably the stop at Queen's Park and also City Hall, where participants often jump into the wading pool to cool off.

After the event, some participants may choose to visit the nude beach at Hanlan's Point, although that it not part of the official event.

naked-icon  clothing optional but most people will be nude
ball  all ages - no gender regulation
ball  70 to 100 people expected - 1000 max
ball  will be photography/videography
ball  registration: Just Show up
ball  admittance is free

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2020-05-26 18:31:07
According to their Website, this looks like it has been cancelled, but there are certainly lots of people riding bikes downtown these days. Is there any possibility that this is going to go ahead?

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