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Monthly, on a Friday at 10pm
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Naked Yoga at Modo Yoga Boor West
Once a month... come and feel free!
Modo Yoga - Bloor West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Independent ongoing event

Think about it... how nice it would be to practice without the confinement of clothes as you breathe and move in only your skin. Here’s your chance to do so within the safety and comfort of our nearly completely-darkened practice room (a few candles will be lit). You are invited to notice your inhibitions, find more trust (in your community at large and in the moment) and to let go of the image you hold of your body, the image others may hold of yours, and the image you may hold of others bodies.

Please check our website for information before heading to this class.

naked-icon  complete nudity is required or expected
ball  all ages 18 and up - no gender regulation
ball  no photography/videography allowed
ball  registration: Just Show up
ball  admittance is free

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