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Sundays 10:30-12noon
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Nude Yoga for Men
Regular Nude Classes for Men
True Nosh Yoga Studio
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Join us Sundays 10:30am-11:45am at True Nosh Studios (2200 Ontario Street, Vancouver) for a powerful blend of hatha & kundalini yoga, meditation, and dynamic breathwork- nude.
In Tantra, your body is the temple, it's the God/Goddess and it's the worshipper. So many times we are trying to ignore our bodies, transcend them, or numb them. This practice is to appreciate our bodies as they are without the conditioning we've picked up from our parents, our religion, and relationships.
Why naked yoga?
As a teacher I am always looking to create safe environments for optimum growth and healing.
I have personally healed from body dysmorphia and anxiety through naked yoga like you will experience today. I have seen incredible freedom and joy in my previous naked yoga workshops in the past. My intention is to provide a powerful class to reach new joys, to shed old stories of doubt and shame, and to enjoy your body.
Shedding ideas, labels, beliefs of who we are, along with our clothes, is one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences. Removing shame and guilt from our body opens huge doors to what we think our limits of happiness, success and love can be.
Come for a safe experience in rewriting our old stories and coming home to your body in a new and empowering way.
Please bring water and a yoga mat.

naked-icon  complete nudity is required or expected
ball  all ages - no gender regulation
ball  no photography/videography allowed
ball  registration: Just Show up
ball  admittance is free

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