website progress

This website is still in development and it has taken a few years to get to where we are now. The inner workings are highly complex, approaching something like a mini Facebook. I'm sure they have 100 programmers and designers working for them. Naked Club has two.

I added this page so that I could provide some information on our progress. If you see bugs, or have any questions or suggestions, just message me. My profile is >>found here<<.

• Thank you for making a profile for yourself! If you have completed your profile (at least one green check) you can do the following things:

Message other members
Connect/friend other members
Show you are intending to go to certain events
Show you have gone to certain Places
Add your Event or one you know about
Add your Place or one you know about
Join a Pod (a group or organization or project)
Add a new Pod, but only if you are the organizer.
Post a photo and message in the Forum.

With a Pod you are be able to run your own members group, or just use it find more good members for your locally organized group. We could use your help adding more places and upcoming events. Notice that our "people" section is visible to anyone, however they cannot click through to see the details of any one person without having a complete activated profile.

• Notice that our "original" website with photos and videos is still active. You can get to it via the bubble-links along the top. Sorry about the confusion but on that site "events" refers to our photo galleries and video clips section. We are probably going to call that "shows" when we conform everything to the same design.

• The main intention of the new part of the website is to facilitate real life nudist activity in the way of groups forming, events being created and people meeting each other. This is not a dating nor chatting website. Naked Club's mandate is to get people out into the real world and away from their computers. Sitting naked at your computer is not Naturism. Naturism is a social experience usually in a natural outdoor setting. The visual projects we create are designed to get people interested in participating in this unique experience.

• This project and all it's aspects, both live and virtual, soak up a lot of resources. I could really use your help! One way to help would be to
>>purchase a subscription<< to the photo galleries. Or go to >> VIMEO << and purchase the longer videos we have made.

I am perpetually in the red with this project and can always use a bit more revenue.

• If you have participated in our events with photography, then upon request I will upgrade your green-check rating and add any badges that I think apply to you. You are also eligible for free access to the photo galleries. Just message me so I know you have a profile here.

My programmer and I work every week on building new features and fixing any bugs as they come up, and generally enhancing and upgrading, tying together events, places and users with more details and utility while still being aware of privacy issues. We do NOT store the following information about you in our site database: real name - street address - phone number. And we do not share nor post your email address anywhere either. If you submit any of that information while making a purchase it is only retained by the very secure servers of the credit card company. However we do not have control over information you post on your profile, including your photos - so be careful if this is a concern to you!