terms of service

Thank you for participating in Naked Club and our website naked-club.org (the "Website"). Your use of this website and your participation in any real-life events resulting from this website are subject to the Terms of Service Agreement (the "Agreement"), which you are now reading. By accessing the website you continuously agree with the terms herein including any updates that are made in the future - you are responsible for checking this Agreement periodically. Please be directed to the last section "Notable Exception".


You hereby acknowledge that you agree with our philosophy, described as follows. Naked Club members generally have an attitude that though they sometimes or mostly do wear clothes, the complete lack of clothing is an equally normal way of being, either alone or in the presence of numbers of other people, and doing so is not a sexual act nor a sexual invitation, nor is shameful in any way. This philosophy is usually called "Naturism" or "Nudism", but some people prefer to not to apply a label to something that just "should be".

Most social situations are conducted completely clothes-free, with mutual respect and acceptance of all variations of human, including race, color, size, gender, sexual orientation, and age. All religions are accepted provided the individual's beliefs are not in conflict. As is the case with society as a whole, sexual conduct is a private affair in a private setting between consenting adults and is not part of the public practice of those participating on this website. Any bigotry and sexual comments, photos, innuendo, messages etc are considered seriously inappropriate and are grounds for dismissal.


We pay special attention to the importance of privacy on the Website due to the possibilities of prejudice from the outside world toward persons who participate in social nudity. We have set things up to limit what can be seen by the public, and even other users, and have provided you with choices in your account settings that control the degree to which people can recognize you and know details about you. You are advised to be fully aware of that functionality. When you complete your profile, you are providing information that will be seen by other users, and in some cases, the public. We deliberately do not ask for your street address, and your age is shown only as an age range. We also do not show your email address. All other information may be visible. You agree not to broadcast or publish any private information you may obtain about other Website users in places outside of the Website. We do not track your activites for any marketing purposes, nor share your information with anyone at all. When you make a purchase, such as a subscription, your personal name and credit card information is required to complete the transaction - however we do not store that information in our database - it exists only with the highly secure card processing company.


A cookie is a scrap of information that is held in your web browser concerning a particular website. It can keep you logged into a website for a defined period of time, or track your movement through the pages of the website for the purpose of the webmaster study of customer use. We do use cookies, but currently just for the purpose of keeping you logged into the Website for your convenience. We recommend you log out when leaving the website if you are concerned about someone else using your computer discovering your use of our Website.


You must be 18 years of age or older to be registered with a profile on the Website. The password you choose for entry to the Website is encrypted and not known by anyone other than you - you are responsible for any liabilities/damage resulting from unauthorized use of your log-in - you must guard the security of your password. You are required to conduct yourself according to the standards of behavior outlined throughout the Website and this Agreement. If we perceive that you are in violation you will first be warned. Thereafter we may terminate your profile and ban you without further warning.


Any photos and videos that you post or submit must have been created by you. Other content can be posted only if you have explicit permission to do so from the copyright holder. You are responsible for your own copyright infringement complications and you release the Website from all liability. You may not use our copyright material, such as trademarks or photos produced by us, unless we give you explicit permission.


Our first position is to protect your personal information to the maximum. However, you agree, that in the case of our belief that it is a requirement by law to disclose your information to authorities, we may do so. Our position, though, is to resist unless absolutely forced into such a situation.


Should you choose to participate in a real-life event, gathering, trip, outing, be aware that you are fully responsible for your own safety and ability to judge situations and make your own decisions about continuing with or opting out of involvement. We cannot guarantee the true identity of nor the good character of those leading these events. We cannot guarantee the safety of transportation nor the facilities or circumstances of a location. You agree to exercise your own good judgement and to release us from all liability. You also agree and expect that should you choose to participate in any event offered on this Website you will attend nude, unless the organizer offers a variation.


As a member of Naked Club you agree to receive communication from us and other members on a regular basis, including email and text messages. You have access to certain settings that limit emails sent to you, however you would need to close your account to stop all messages.


You agree that we are in no way liable for any problems you may encounter as a result of your nudist activities and beliefs becoming known to persons who would persecute or prosecute you. It is your responsibility to deal with such matters. In joining the Website and particpating in events, you acknowledge and agree to and accept the possibility of negative consequences to your life in mainsteam society.


We strongly advise that if you live in a country/jurisdiction where social nudity is illegal, that you refrain from pursuing this activity in that place. You agree that if you choose to present yourself in a nude state in circumstances where it is socially inappropriate or even illegal to do so, you take full personal responsibility of the consequences, whatever they might be. We do not in any way encourage you to be nude in inappropriate circumstances.


You agree to indemnify and hold us and any other persons or companies affilated with us, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of your representations and warranties or this Agreement or your violation of any law, statute, ordinance or regulation or the rights of a third party, or your participation in a real-live event anywhere.


We organize our own real-life events and outings which have a creative component, photography and videography, and in this case, to participate you will complete a separate agreement that permits unrestricted display and publication of all visuals depicting you created at the particular event or outing. Obviously in this case the privacy restrictions mentioned in the Website Terms of Service do no apply and such images and video can be openly displayed on the Website (and elsewhere) though we still do not share identity information.

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