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August 23, 2020 1:00 PM
Sail Away Nude 2020
An afternoon of cruising Lake Ontario
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Join the group on this second outing on the boat Endevour, sailing out of Harbourfront, through the airport channel and out to open waters. Feel the breeze and sun on your clothing-free bodies. We will be out for 3 to 4 hours (1pm to 5pm max), with on board bar, entertainment and activities. This event is brought to you by Bare Oaks and Naked Club. Special thanks to Attila for starting this event in 2018!

naked-icon  complete nudity is required or expected
ball  all ages - no gender regulation
ball  50 to 70 people expected - 55 max
ball  will be optional photography/videography on the side
ball  must pre-register and be approved
ball  must buy ticket in advance

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2020-05-20 13:39:10
is this event still on due to the covid 19

2020-04-22 11:47:33
Here is some general information... it is most likely that this event will have to be cancelled, but I am still hoping we can go ahead with it. As of right now I have not started to compile the list of people who have confirmed back to me because of the pandemic. I will start though, soon, in case we can go ahead. Here's what you need to know. There is limited capacity on the boat. I have to give priority to the people I know and give them first choice. After that has completed then I can consider others who apply. There are only so many people we can get on the boat. And I anticipate that we might have to reduce that number since covid-19 will still be with us in some form in August! So please hang tight if you want to be part of this event! if it is popular and we fill up we can do 2 trips next summer. The actual SALE of the tickets will come later.

2020-04-19 02:31:33
How does one find out cost and how to purchase tickets?

2020-03-02 16:37:06
I was on the 2018 cruise and had an absolutely awesome time!

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