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Masonboro Island
The best East Coast nude beach you never heard of

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

This is a coastal barrier island, eight miles long, that's totally undeveloped and accessible only by boat. Yet it's just minutes away from a significant port city and from popular beach-resort towns. The extreme north end, adjacent to Wrightsville Beach, attracts some textile beachgoers on summer weekends, but the other seven and a half miles is almost totally deserted and available for nude recreation in groups of any size. No facilities of any kind; visitors should bring umbrellas, hats, plenty of sunscreen and plenty of water, but it's an absolute paradise of smooth sand and warm surf.

naked-icon  Clothing optional but most will be nude
legal-icon  Nudity is not legal but tolerated
sex-icon  Gender balance unknown
fee-icon  Free - there is no fee
people-icon  Age range: unknown
people-icon  Capacity: 1000 people

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