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Social Group
Bay Area Naturists
Long time Naturist non-landed group
San Jose, California, United States

This pod comprises members of the Bay Area Naturists of San Jose. You should join BAN first, then this pod. Bay Area Naturists, mainly from the San Francisco Bay Area, organizes its own events from time to time. BAN's very informative monthly newsletter that li...

Social Group
Bay Area Naked Club Group
Starting up a new round of trips and events
San Francisco, California, United States

This is Nomad's group that has done close to 100 outings and events since 2007 including most of the beaches down the coast, Yuba rivers, Garden of Eden, Boat trips, Bodyfest, retreats... Join this Pod if you want to be part of future adventures. If you do not see a lot of members it is because th...

Social Group
Laguna Del Sol meetups
Try to meet once a week at Laguna Del Sol
Parkway-South Sacramento, California, United States

Looking for singles and couples 18+ looking to socialize and meet new people for relationships of all kinds. Polyamory, lasting friendships, or monogamous.

Social Group
Toronto Area Naked Club Group
Indoor and outdoor events of various kinds
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When Nomad traveled frequently to California there was a fairly cohesive group of a few hundred people and he could rely on a dozen or so people being able to make it to a day trip or camping trip or other gathering. Since Nomad lives in Toronto, this is the beginning of a similar group for the GTA...

Nude Centre
Bringing the nude world together
, , Global

The nude centre is an online marketplace bringing together the nudist world. The yellow pages of nudism, a page that is widely referenced by our community. A central point to find nude groups, events and people. Now there's a source!

GTA PhotoNaturals Project
Group photo/video shoots in nature
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nomad, the creator of this website, periodically organizes group outings into natural settings and documents the trip in images using multiple cameras by some of the participants. These fun day-trip adventures are liberating and challenging and you will make new friends! You have to be 100% okay a...

Legal Organization
FCN Federation Of Canadian Naturists
Promoting and Protecting Naturism in Canada
, , Canada

Our Mission: The Federation of Canadian Naturists is a member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering a greater understanding, acceptance and appreciation of naturism as a way of life throughout Canada.

Social Group
East Bay CA Nudists
Local get togethers in the East Bay
, California, United States

A local group to get together for dinner, board games, local outings and trips to the beach/river.

PhotoNaturals in California
Small groups head to nature and shoot photos and videos
San Francisco, California, United States

PhotoNaturals is the name of my (Nomad) photographic project that became Naked Club. Most of my projects and events now include photography so join this Pod if you want to be considered to participate. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of people that can go on any outing, and usually...

Naked Diversity
Expanding Ethical Naked Culture!
Syracuse, New York, United States

At Naked Diversity we ask the hard questions about how to take nudism/naturism/naked into the next decade. We work throughout the year and cap our efforts off with a 6 day body celebration at Empire Haven Nudist Park! What are your ideas, resources and advocacy? Naked Diversity features an incredibl...

people-icon  may have themes or actions of a sexual nature

Social Group
Belgian & Dutch Naturists
In respect and freedom
, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium

Deze groep brengt mensen bij elkaar die de naturistische levenswijze willen beleven. Alle leden kunnen (samen met de beheerder) naturistische evenementen organiseren. Yoga, wandelen, massage, dansen, gezellig samenzijn.... Naturisme zonder seksuele handelingen.

Social Group
Magnetic Island Nudists
Meet us on the amazing Balding Bay Beach!
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

You will enjoy meeting new people at this beautiful secluded beach. The locals are friendly and willing to meet and talk. The trail walk from Horseshoe Bay is anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes depending on your ability. features of the beach include white sand, protection from the wind, and clear water...

Social Group
GTA Skinnydippers
Once summer is over, hit the indoor pools!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We are the largest non-landed group of nudists in the Toronto area and variously visit indoor pools, play bowling, and gather at the beach at Hanlans Point (in the summer of course) We also have special events like visits to comedy clubs and attendance at theatre plays. The sky is the limit for be...

Social Group
Euro Tantra
We organise tantra events throughout the year
, Tenerife, Spain

When you join this group you will be informed about the Tantra massage and tantra yoga workshops we will be offering. These events are a classic combination of mind and body evolution. They will provide you with a sensual, erotic and spiritual awakening. This is a great journey for couples and ind...

Pods are real-life groups, organizations, projects, resources and companies that are somehow involved in free-body activities. We are still working on streamlining navigation and functions. -Nomad
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